vrijdag 23 maart 2012

'Hacking and writing' for LibreOffice

Free software exists thanks to the involvement of users. For that reason we have regular meetings in our Dutch language community. Working on the items that you like. Or that you consider important. And this is an open, relaxing atmosphere.
So, on March 31 there will already be our sixth 'hackers-event'. But since there is a equal amount of people with interest for documentation, I just call it 'hacking and writing'. Well, thinking of the effort that a writer spends on a good text, how strong he must hack in possible features, examples, explanations... One could call that a sort of hacking, isn't it?
Don't let the real hackers, the ones that dive diep in all the code, dependencies and more, read this ;-)
Ah yes, more information (in Dutch) via this link!

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