vrijdag 25 augustus 2017

LibreOffice at Tilburg University Orientation Program

At the beginning of the new year, the Tilburg University organizes the Tilburg Orientation Program (TOP) presenting all kind of interesting and cool stuff for the new students. So at August 22, a nice and sunny day, there was a huge event in a park with lots of plays and booths and music and beer. And: three people from the Dutch LibreOffice team were there!
We had a nice booth and prepared both flyers and small cards. Especially the cards were handsome to reach out to people: "want a free card for free software" is a short and appealing message. Thus we handed out a six to seven hundred of the cards. Of course we had good talks too: dozens of individuals and groups wanted more information. And there are people that know and use open source. Or were just in need for a good office-suite for their new bought Mac book ;)
It's always interesting to see how people react. For example if you tell that Microsoft doesn't really loves students, when they offer software very cheap, but that they just want to make you very well used to it, so that they can charge high prices when you've finished your study.. And compare that to LibreOffice: free always, at school, home, office. And of course free choice for donations or paid support if desired! Was fun to hear some of the students call the way Microsoft does this "the drugs dealer method" ;) Anyways: Pieter Kristensen, Freek de Kruijf and me had great fun with the people and the music and showing LibreOffice. To be continued next years, as far as I'm concerned.. :) Not the least since universities are an excellent place to support the importance of ODF as sustainable and durable document standard.