vrijdag 5 oktober 2018

Fruit basket

Years and years ago I was visiting the region of Lyon - of course by bike. At one morning I entered a little village early and visited the local market to get me some nice fruit and vegs. One of the stalls was a bit strange. The man had really wide baskets, but with only a little bit of fruit in them. I could think of some boites hidden at another place for more, but wondered why that was so.

So I asked the man just if he liked to show his fruits with so much space. The man friendly explained to me that is was a matter of education. For him, when you see an abundance of fruits, it may seem that it's all so easy, comes at little cost. But for the grower that was not at all the case. He summed to me all things he had to spend time and money on before he could go to market with the results of his hard work, with selling fruit. Items as keeping the paths in good state, preparing compost and covering soil with it, pruning trees, repairing the roof of the grange, buying clothes to work in, getting help in picking, petrol and repair for the machines, and so on.

For me, the man concluded, all that are costs I have to make on the fruit. So if you see a basket filled to top with fruit, don't be misled and remember how much has to be done before it can be presented..
Happily I bought me a bunch of fresh figs. But from then on, for me a market never has been the same.