dinsdag 30 juli 2013

Version 4.1 pushes LibreOffice across the 500 border

Since LibreOffice 3.3 there are more then 500 new features and improvements listed on the pages that are published with the new releases.
With the preparations of a new release of LibreOffice of course there is the need to show the new function and improvements, extendings of existing features. Every half year this nice tasks is repeated, and of course it covers a aspects of many different sides of the suite. To me it's always a little wonder when this is done. Thanks to the information given by the developers, people as for example Marc always are able to create a nice and accessible overview.
Now recently we decided to make an overview of the most important, unique possibilities in LibreOffice. And when looking through the published overviews of all the different releases, I started to count a bit and suddenly it stroke me that LibreOffice had passed the border of 500! (Here are the pages, so you can count them 4.1 / 4.0 / 3.6 / 3.5 / 3.4 / 3.3)
Of course not every function or improvement is a huge one. There is a large amount of smaller but indeed useful items. Also there are features simply not listed, because a developer implemented but then forgot to add it or because it was not easy to explain. Or we have the functions that are listed more than once. Which is completely in line with an open source development style, where new stuff is made available rapidly and extended in smaller step. But when counting the improvements, regularly I counted listed items as "numerous improvements on MsOOXML Import en Export", or "Number of new functions in Calc" as one. Had I counted those each separately, I would have ended on a much larger number.
Does that matter? For me it doesn't: we count clearly more then 500 features and improvements , of which around 350 unique in LibreOffice. A mile stone!
Mind that we do not talk about the ten thousands bugfixes in LibreOffice. I would estimate that of that number only a relative small amount is for old bugs from the time of OpenOffice. But that is fine too: with the enormous speed of new functions and cleaning up and improving the code base (you may want to see this one once more..) there are of course new bugs (or old hidden bugs become visible...) and it's only prefect that LibreOffice shows that it tackles those fast too.

maandag 15 juli 2013

Cool and hot times - testing and localization LibreOffice 4.1

Why you will want to read this article soon...
So that were extremely busy weeks for all people active in LibreOffice localization and QA. Today the last translations – many up to 100% – have been pulled and the last triple reviewed code commits were done. And somewhere next week already we expect the release of LibreOffice 4.1.
Many volunteers doing the translations help a lot with testing too. That extremely important job is not something that happens every now and then... it is a continuous task. Beside the translations for the major releases, twice a year. Hard work, but being a part of the community that makes the best free office suite in the world makes it worth of course :)
That was what I felt very strong when reading Michaels blog, some weeks ago, on all the hard work that that the developers are doing on code improvements. Look here for many details: on cleaning, modern and faster code, easier building, automated tests, etc. etc.
As a result enthusiast 'hackers' keep joining the project with a cute EasyHack in LibreOffice or some other task. That makes some extra testing really worth, doesn't it?
Tip: watch out for the announcements that will come with the new LibreOffice. And don't forget then that about half of the good work is done below the surface ;)