zaterdag 16 mei 2009

3.1 : Work faster with Styles 3.1 holds a tiny new feature, that allows you to work faster with styles. Paragraph styles, to be more precise. And styles, as we all know, are the Alpha and Omega of

While working in Writer, when you click Ctrl-F11, the focus moves to the 'Apply Styles' box. And I can imagine some nice use of that. Especially when you, like myself, love working with the key board.

To apply a paragraph style
  • type Ctrl-F11, Shift-End;
  • start typing the name of the style you need;
  • and soon you can hit Enter.
Yes, Ctrl-1 is for Heading 1, and so on. And I regularly assign short cuts to styles (specially character styles). But there ís a limit to the numer of keys I can use and remember.

Another example. While working on a random document, sometimes you apply - or there is - direct formatting. And now you come to the conclusion that the formatting will be wanted on more places, so that you want to make a style out of that paragraph.

To define a new paragraph style
  • type Ctrl-F11, Shift-End;
  • type the name for the new style;
  • and then hit Enter.
Ah, you know that Shift-F11 already opens the 'create style' window?
Indeed, doing this via Ctrl-F11 is not new, it just works in the same box.

Ctrl-F11: a small but handy new feature. Dev's: thanks!