donderdag 29 maart 2012

Document freedom - also something for these day's

When I'm sitting in the train, or even better, on a sunny terrace, I see many heads bound, The thumbs and fingers move swiftly over de screens of the newest gadgets, that are used nowadays to share our information. Little tweed, Apps, site here and there... Who talks about sustainability of digital documents in this world?
Still there is the DocumentFreedomDay. For years already. And I was invited there to present LibreOffice.
It makes fun and is challenging in a time, as is sketched with the first sentences, to be invited to explain why it is important that we, I, you, our society in twenty, sixty, three hundred years still can have access to the information that we currently consider important enough to spend our precious time on. And that you will be able to use these documents, also now, without being forced to spend money to do so.
To me, that always is the linking step to the need of a powerful office-application that works with free, open document standards. So that people and organisations just do not have to work with an office-application that typically saves documents in a non-free, not open format. Briefly: why we need LibreOffice. That will definitely put an end to the sending around of .doc-files.

The presentation is the right moment to show with some graphs (here and these too) why it is good that LibreOffice has succeeded OpenOffice. How much stronger, more diverse the development-community is. And to show some of the beautiful new things that are to come, as we can see in the prototypes for the web-version, real-time collaboration, and the ports for iOS and Android.
At the end of my talk, I took the opportunity to discuss the promoting of PDF file with embedded open document: from LibreOffice directly into one single file. Each is able to open it as PDF, and everyone with a proper office-suite can edit it directly and the save again as rich-PDF. Nice subject, various opinions. Maybe something to write about again later :-)

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