maandag 12 december 2016

LibreOffice off course offers alternatives for users of all Microsoft user interfaces

One of the big advantages of LibreOffice has been, for a long time, that it offers the well known menu based user interface to its users. Less known, is that LibreOffice also has solutions for the group users that is quite well used to different interfaces: the Notebookbar!

Over time LibreOffice worked on the concept of the Notebookbar, and that got supported by the working with Glade-designer for the user interface. With it's tabbed view, it looks as a notebook ;)

The Notebookbar itself also has multiple forms: Tabbed, Contextual Single and Contextual Groups. It can easily be seen in the next 5.3 release, if experimental features are turned on. The official 5.3-release is end of January.

LibreOffice offers an ideal solution for people that prefer to work with either a menu, or with a side bar, or with a more block-like interfaces!


  • Tools > Options > LibreOffice General > Advanced … check Experimental features
  • View > Toolbar Layout > Default/Single toolbar/Sidebar/Notebookbar
  • View > Notebookbar > Tabbed/Contextual Single/Contextual Groups
  •   (activate from the setting Tabs the Menubar via the LibreOffice-icon top left)

    *) Info Glade-designer
    *) Download LibreOffice 5.3 b├Ęta 1

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