donderdag 4 juni 2015

Looking back and forth

LibreOffice is entering the mobile and on-line space, and we'll see full open source private cloud solutions soon. Great! Still sometimes I'm forced to look back. Simply because the name "Open Office" is known by many people, based on its great history. I have to explain regularly what LibreOffice is and what makes it so much different.
To put some more weight on the latter, my colleague Barend and me worked on comparison of the features of LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice. Read it here. Be warned: it's a nearly 60 page document. It focuses on areas as feasibility, smart use, quality and improvements, localization and more. It lists hundreds of smaller and larger improvements in LibreOffice, and only few in Apache OpenOffice.

There is a notable difference between this information and many comparisons of LibreOffice with Apache OpenOffice found in articles on the internet. Journalists often seem to lack time for a better analysis of the vast amount of features a productivity suite offers. We hope that our document does offer that comparison in a comprehensive and structured manner.
In my opinion now is the moment for all to let OpenOffice be just what it is: an important part of history. More than enough work ahead for LibreOffice, I would say - see the introduction of this article. It is my hope and wish that people will be able to focus on that and find joy and satisfaction in the development and use of LibreOffice.