maandag 21 november 2011

Is hacking 'difficult' and testing 'normal' ?

Last Saturday we had already our 4th LibreOffice hackEvent in Netherland/Flanders.
Again we were able to do a nice variety of work: documentation, build environments, study functions in code, translation work ..
Honestly, often not that complicated at all. Nevertheless, the term 'hacking' might sound scaring for the average reader, though many and real easy hacks can be found at LibreOffice.

In any case, while talking, we decided that the next event will be dedicated to the testing of the new LibreOffice 3.5.0, that will be released in February.
So the next time no hacking and just normal testing. Well, 'normal'... to do some good testing you really have to be awake!
So also because of the nice coffee ;-) thanks to the people that were so kind to invite us to their place for this event, MadLab at Eindhoven.

zondag 13 november 2011

The Office-Hacking-Plugfest-Presentation week

Looking forward to the next week with great pleasure :-)

First - apart from regular work - further furnishing the new Nou&Off office.

Then I look forward to the 4th Dutch LibreOffice Hackers event, of which the preparations of course already have started.
Don't miss this opportunity to work and exchange with other hackers

Before that, an event of at least the same importance wild be held: the ODF-plugfest, Gouda, November 17 and 18. I'm asked to represent TDF and LibreOffice with both info on technical issues and the general progress of the project. Will be a great pleasure to join there!

Just as a good final action for the past week, I just posted the presentation on easy hacking LibreOffice that I gave at T-Dose, the Saturday before.

vrijdag 4 november 2011

LibreOffice at T-Dose

The LibreOffice project will be well presented at T-Dose: Technical Dutch Open Source Event, Eindhoven, this weekend.
There will be four members that make a contribution as speaker on various subjects, and a simple booth with stickers and people to meet.
Since it's mostly Dutch, read my Dutch blog for more ;-)