woensdag 12 oktober 2016

Dutch parliament votes to make open standards mandatory

It has been a bit quiet. On this blog. And apparently also at the Dutch government with regard open standards. If that would be the case at all, then now there is some very good news. In the attendance discussing the "Actieplan Open Overheid" ("Plan for action on open government") the parliament adopted a resolution to make the use of open standards mandatory. Mandatory for the countries government and the regional/local administrations. By law. This, finally, will put an end to the halfheartedly policy in this area. An excellent example is easy to spot at the parliament's website: the resolution is published in an old proprietary format..

In any case: excellent news. And thanks to MP Astrid Oosenbrug for her competent and tireless work for a saner approach for the countries ICT. And of course to all other MP's that understand the importance of this.
The resolution also asks the government to improve sharing the knowledge they have on open source software. Very useful, since there is a lot of knowledge in this area at the various services/offices. My compliments!

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