Are Germans so smart or we Dutch that dumb

No, this has nothing to do with a possible match during the soccer worldcup. It is about open source.
Look at the German city Munich, where they started in 2005 to migrate to open source. In 2013 the project was finished successful. A migration that resulted in 14.000 of the 15.000 seats running among others Linux at the desktop and LibreOffice.
Significant investments have been made, but already now there are savings of 11 million Euro. The money that has been spent, of course will benefit the regional economy to a large extend. Smart!
There is by the way also a report that says that Munich loses money on the project, but that reports makes wrong assumptions and is - what a coincidence - written on request of Microsoft by its partner HP, that gives no underlying info. So all municipalities: do take good notice of this, for in case someone uses that manipulated report to give a negative advise on open source!

So fine, a significant use of open source does make sense. Do the people in Germany act so much smarter then in The Netherlands? Or is Munich an exception, that did not accept the special offerings?

For those municipalities that want to learn more: the Munich story will be explained on the LibreOffice-symposium (June 26 at Ede) by the project lead Peter Hofmann. With of course the focus on LibreOffice, to which the city switched in 2013.
The symposium also brings contributions from among others the municipalities of Ede and Neerijnen (the new Dutch Munich ;) ?)

Can in The Netherlands be done on a larger scale what already happens in Germany?

The LibreOffice-symposium is organised by the municipality of Ede and my company Nou&Off. It is organised especially for staff of the administrations that want a better look on starting with LibreOffice.


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