donderdag 17 april 2014

10 years business support for the alternative for 'that one of Microsoft' - for free office-software

19.999 days young, and still celebrate the second lustrum .. how can that be possible?
It's possible when you are me and started your company on April 16 2004 :)
It's a very busy time the last months at Nou&Off, but wishing not to let pass this joyous moment unnoticed, it was decided at the last moment to do a little party in a smaller circle. To pay attention to it in wider circles, later this year a symposium will be organized around the use of open source office-software in Dutch administrations, institutions and companies.
At the same time as the 10 years anniversary of Nou&Off, there was the official opening of the LibreOffice-Trainingcenter. That was expected earlier, but due to the high workload on projects, it slipped. Luckily, sooner or later, all will be fine ;)

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