LibreOffice becoming prettier all the time - a look at the beta of version 4.1

While working with the beta version of LibreOffice 4.1 it strikes me that since 3.6 so much has been improved in the interface. It's a good time to mention some of those.
Some time ago already the fat, overdone old borders from the past had been gone and now I see more and more dialogs that become more elegant, prettier to work with. Some screen shots, old and new. So offering the same, uncluttered features, but better to work with. A nice improvement too is that the list Apply Styles give a good preview of the font of the styles. Completely new in 4.1 is a button that easily toggles comments in the margin on and off. Mostly the already mentioned work on the dialogs is important for the future steps of LibreOffice in a newer interface and onto new devises.
As a colorful finisher, I love to mention the new default colors that are shipped. Enjoy!
(And I guess I should write some more about the new that 4.1. will offer soon...)


  1. Nice to read how things have evolved !

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