vrijdag 6 juli 2012

Moments of Joy

After several months of working on LibreLex, it was time to test it on MacOS. After all, we claim it does work there too :-)
The fiends in the FourDigits office were so friendly to hand me an old Mac. Starting the Mac, browser.. OS-crash.. I remarked: "Hmm, long time ago that I worked on Windows" which of course must be painful to hear for real Mac-fans ;-)
So the FourDigits guy was so friendly to lend me his new fast Macbook for a moment. Colleagues already started to mumble ...
"how much of your work time will that cost..."
OK, LibreOffice was already installed. So we put the folder with the templates and config-files in the user work-path. Double-click on the LibreLex extension to install.. ah, there is the LibreLex tool bar. Start New document with LibreLex.. great. Print with /without logo.. looks good. Dialogues Place and Mail.. fine too. So that's it. Works. Thanks for your help!
Two minutes and it just works. "Huh.." Why huh, what's so special about that?! Moment of great joy :-)

* Moments of Joy, 1975, by Kayak, one of the greatest Symphonic Rock bands

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