woensdag 4 april 2012

report Dutch community Hacking & Writing event

On Saturday, March 31, six members of the Dutch Language community gathered for a next Hackers event. Alas, due to family circumstances I was unable to join, but Luc kindly send me this report of the event:
" The session was hosted by Hans de Vries, in his office near Utrecht, Netherlands, quickly after arrival we fired up our laptop's got the Wifi going and departed on our journey.

Two streams of activities quickly developed, one on hacking the code itself, another one around documentation. We worked on both during the whole day, spend a significant amount of time on getting to know each other: "who are you", "what is your background", etc.
Code work was done on some patches for code improvement and curing build errors in debug mode.
Working from home via the Internet this personal contact is valuable and helps to speed up the interaction and hence our output!

We left late afternoon with our personal batteries charged and thanked Hans for his hospitality.
A next event is planned for the autumn, tentatively located near Antwerp, Belgium. In mean time there are different events to attend and present our selves on smaller scale.

A poll by the members, who have many LibreOffice users in our environment, revealed a fast and firm conclusion to the question "what should LibreOffice focus on": product quality! For the short term do not focus on new features, but focus on a robust product. We will help ! "

So stay tuned, and don't miss them: there will be new meetings during this year! But of course first try to join the Hamburg Hackfest, April 14 & 15!

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