dinsdag 25 oktober 2011

Notes and presentations about the LibreOffice Conference

Some readers asked me about the further information that I promised about the recent LibreOffice conference :-)
Eh sorry! Have been bit busy with presentation on LibreOffice for the OpenSourceLab, new article for Linux Magazine, finding new office for the company (succeeded :-) ) and also a large project to get me some food in the kitchen.

OK so already a fairly large number of the presentations given, is available on the LibreOffice wiki!
Among those, also my presentation about improving the QA Release cycle – with special focus on the coming LibreOffice 3.5.0. Interesting numbers about bugs and fixing of those in the developer versions (master). And good ideas, learned during the presentation and discussion, about working smarter. I'll come back on this later!

Before me, I've some notes I made during the conference. Just some things I found positive, interesting..
* We talked about leadership in the project, and to help people finding their way, so that they can start with simple tasks, to get involved and which leads to positive results and feelings!
* And then there is need for a smart strategy, to help users to become (small) contributors to their favorite office-suite. So first some work to do for the people that already are active in the community!
* We also talked about certification: the program that will give companies the opportunity (staring in 2012) to both support LibreOffice and at the same time make themselves visible in a distinct manner, based on experience and competences.
* My note from a presentation on usability: how much can we leave out from the icons on tool bars, that are not touched for performing easy task? Much cleaner and the advanced users will find their tools in the menus anyway.
* Then there was the very clear presentation on the successful migration to LibreOffice of the second large city of Hungary, Miskolc.
And much more, that I did not mention or hear. See the wiki and the gathered blogs of TDF!

Hmm, now I see in my notes that there are some bugs, found in the developer build during the conference, and that wait for further checking and entering in BugZilla.
Well, it all asks quite some attention. But if I look at all that the developers, from all over the world and from all parts of society, contribute for improvements and new stuff to the LIbreOffice code base.. well, then it is worth for sure! So please don't be afraid to let yourself be inspired :-)

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