dinsdag 18 januari 2011

Recent appointment - old discussion

Recently I visited a business relation, Hans de Vries from the Securityacademy, whom I helped last year with a nice basic script to correct bullets in Impress. Of course we discussed LibreOffice.
Hans is expert on security and safety for many years now. But long before he worked in the university area, and from that time he remembered discussions with enthusiastic unix and open source developers, who didn't have much appetite to join OpenOffice.org. They didn't like to share copyrights for code-contributions with Sun, as was asked.
Personally, I do not weight that issue so heavy (but frankly, I am not a developer at thàt level..), but I know it is an issue for others. Anyhow, I find it striking that it is this story that pops up, when talking about LibreOffice. Needless to say that Hans is very much interested in our project.

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