dinsdag 21 december 2010

'It-gang' discussing LibreOffice

Last Friday (December 17th) I was invited for a podcast done by the "IT-Bende" ('Bende' can be translated as 'gang' but also as 'a mess', as in a badly cleaned house.) This ITBende is a group of IT-professionals, that discusses the latest news/developments each week.
Latest news ... so that must be LibreOffice.
Of course the talk was about the start of LibreOffice coming from OpenOffice.org.
It was fun to notice the visions, that spoke from the questions that the people had. One bit out-dated idea, IMO, was the call to finally include an e-mail client in LibreOffice. More of these days, were the questions about Google Docs and working via the web. One long standing issue is about the conflict between a simple user interface and the vast amount of available functions. Maybe it is time after all, to offer 'skins' to serve the various audiences?
The Podcast can be listened via http://www.itbende.nl/blog/2010/12/itbende-podcast-nr-81-libreoffice/ (all Dutch of course).

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